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Report a Sighting

How to report your sighting

If you have seen a big cat in this country or have evidence of them in any respect please report it to us. The purpose of this form is to try and estimate numbers and the species involved in UK sightings of big cats. All information except your * contact information will be included into a national database.

Report form

Please complete the form below to report your sighting and provide us with as detailed a description as possible.

Personal Details
Brief Description of Sighting
General Information
Location Area
Date of Sighting
Time of Sighting
Location and Grid Reference
Area Type e.g. woodland,field
Distance of Sighting
Visual Aid Used
Viewing Conditions
About The Animal
Animal's Motion
What was the animal doing?
Animal's Upper Colour
Underside Colour
Body Colour Additional Notes
Tail Appearance
Body Length
Body Height
Tail Length
Additional Notes
Eye Colour
Facial Markings
Was the animal a known species?
Your Opinion
Evidence, If any

Are you willing to have your evidence analysed?

Number of Witnesses persons
Other Reports Are you aware of any other reports in this area?
Additional Notes
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Report a Sighting
Report your big cat sighting to an area member.

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